Why Magnus

Magnus represents the first and only proactive countermeasure against cyberattacks. It effectively and efficiently stops bots from damaging your websites and mission critical applications

Transcending traditional “detect after a while, then filter even later” defenses that attempt to mitigate threats, the Magnus countermeasure is able to neutralize bot attacks, prevents infiltration, and consumes attackers. Our behavioral classification algorithm is 100% accurate. No false negatives. No false positives.

Magnus is easy to deploy. It doesn’t require intrusive equipment, capital investment, or exceptions to enterprise security policies (e.g., sharing private SSL certificates to third parties). It offers seamless integration with existing network defenses. The automated nature of the solution typically reduces incident management costs by 70-90% for Layer 7 attack response.

How Magnus Works

Traditional cybersecurity defenses are a variation on the same theme: inspect the incoming packet/traffic, guess whether benign or hostile by matching to a known blacklist or pattern/signature, block probable hostile traffic, and provision enough processing power to deal with high-volume attacks. This approach works reasonably well for network attacks which are almost always volumetric in nature and more about distraction instead of disruption. However, it simply doesn’t work for sophisticated and disruptive application layer attacks becoming more common today.

Magnus offers the first preemptive countermeasure that eliminates the threat. It represents a substantial advancement in cybersecurity defenses, providing an application layer attack countermeasure, while working with traditional network layer solutions.

The Magnus Difference

  • The first and only active countermeasure that identifies and consumes bots in real time
  • No false negatives or positives
  • Proven against bot armies comprising 20,000 server-class machines at hit rates of 2 million per minute
  • Simple browser-based integration to your web application or site
  • Supports native mobile app API/SDK integration
  • No effect on user-experience for humans (get rid of your CAPTCHAs)
Key Team Members

CEO, CTO & Founder

Rawls Butler

CFO & EVP of Strategic Development