Transaction Defender

Safeguard Your Customer Transactions

Successful customer transactions are the lifeblood of your business. These transactions may be monetary: sales of goods or services; or non-monetary: requests for information or support. In either case, protecting these transactions against bot abuse and fraud is paramount to good business health.

Magnus Transaction Defender™ assures that bots can never earn the credentials needed to submit a transaction. Period. It blocks bots, prevents fraud, and ensures customer experience improves. With less risk and no more irritating CAPTCHAs, your customers will thank you with more business.

  • 100% blockage of bots to ensure they never earn customer credentials
  • Evaluation of behavior against transaction attempts
  • Insight into which transactions are abused by hackers or bots
  • Improved human experience
  • Whitelisting capabilities
  • Flexible blacklisting by country code or IP address range