More Than DDoS Protection. Countermeasure.

DDoS attacks are on the rise. They can happen anytime with or without warning. Hackers employ these malicious synchronized attacks from multiple sources to scrape your content and bring your website down. The higher your profile as a company, they more of a target you are to them.

Be vulnerable no more. Magnus Application DDoS Defender™ is a patent-pending application-layer defense that is the world’s first true countermeasure against DDoS attacks. It allows you to fight back, consuming advanced botnet threats and eliminating them from the battlefield. Consider it your virtual Star Wars online defense network.

  • Device fingerprinting detects and blocks standard DDoS bots with 100% accuracy
  • Advanced bots consumed via sophisticated Bit-coin-based puzzle-presenting algorithm
  • Real-time alerts on bot activity
  • Threat analytics dashboard displays bot type, geography, ISP origin, hit rate
  • Proven against bot armies comprising 20,000 large server-class machines running in data center environments on 10 Gbps networks at hit rates up to 2 million per minute
  • Easy thin-client deployment